Taarucha Mizrahit

Experimentals, Installations

Taarucha Mizrahit


Ami Steinitz Gallery

July 2000

Dov Genashrua, Zivia, Ezri Tarazi

“Oriental Restaurant” is a term not normally encountered in the design and publicity lingo. It is a publicly identified establishment, intimately coupled to the personal world of its owner. The place décor, selection of dishes and the service reflect the cultural roots and the special atmosphere the owners wish to impart to the place. The business demands many work hours, and many times it is an extension of the owner’s private house.

The oriental restaurant reflects a long line of establishments and activities which have their own design and atmosphere. Market places, neighborhoods, industrial zones, etc. play major roles in establishing identity and a feeling of belonging. It crosses community, political, class and cultural boundaries. It has penetrated into all comers of life and can be found in every town in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

During an entire year the designers traveled to Ramalla, Hebron, Jaffa, Nazareth and Daliat El-Carmel. They visited restaurants and talked to the owners. The exhibition links the professional view with the original design environment.

Ami Steinitz


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