Per Capita

Experimentals, Installations

Per Capita


Presented in Garanti Gallery, Istanbul October 2007


Extal,Milega,Roni Naim


Pelin Dervis

design team

Yasmin Yotam, Maayan Hagar, Ori Levin, Ilanit Ovadiah

installation programmer

Raffi Mizrahi


Oded Marom

PER-CAPITA is a design installation addressing the invisible scope stretched from the private and concrete to the geopolitical and simulative. ‘Fears per-capita’ or ‘dreams per-capita’ are not as measurable as ‘income per-capita’, but they are real no less than a barrel of oil. Globalization has already passed away like a ‘buzzword’, but is factual to every laid off worker or a blogger in My Space. Design language is narrative, borrowed from loaded components such as nations’ flags, road banners and images from search reservoirs on the web. There isn’t a desire or a need to create here a ‘clean’, sterile and unemotional language. Production processes aren’t detached from imagery processes. And in the personal objects, within the roofed and sheltered home, the seeds of calamity wereplanted. PER-CAPITA places in front of the visitor/the participant in the exhibition futuristic, intriguing questions raised by the twentieth century. Will nationality keep its presence and relevance? Will the planet “raft” be able to go on carrying its inhabitants? What sort of relevance will hierarchy have? What power reservoirs will be required in order to connect with the different? Will Jerusalem stay united? Will religiosity become a destructive or productive factor? Where will the wells of salvation come from?


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