Experimentals, Installations

Copenhagen, Denmark July 2002

The exhibition consists of lighting fixtures. The intent being to examine the influence of structures on basic shapes. Simple lycra rectangles are transformed into intricate shapes by introducing wooden poles and other objects into the fixture’s internal space, arranging them in given geometrical outlines, applying moderate pressure.

This action may be performed by the person who bought the product, according to his personal taste and feelings, not being restricted by simple geometrical shapes.

Thin wooden poles, toy swords, garment hangers and most any other objects may be used to create the lighting fixture.

The object has two states: when not lit, the outer skin hides the objects used to create it. When lit, it partially reveals the inner structure. It is not a real “ready made” concept, because the objects are not completely revealed.

If the structure has meaning to its owner, it serves as an alternative storage place for useless, but meaningful objects.

Materials: Plastic swords, wooden poles and other objects, white lycra.


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