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Trandermics 2000

A modular capsule for diabetics

Client: Trandermics Ltd. 2000

IDEO Israel

People who suffer from type1 or other types of diabetes need to control the sugar level in the blood with insulin injections. In addition to special purpose syringes, pumps tied around the waist with a subcutaneous needle, are also used.

Diabetes is not just a daily nuisance, but may become a life-or-death issue in case of wrong doze or timing.
Trandermics developed a process by which insulin may be transferred through the skin by a carrier medium. Skin pores do not normally allow insulin molecules to penetrate, but a special paste in which the insulin is mixed causes the insulin to reach the blood stream.

The development was carried out while preliminary testing was performed on a patient. The purpose was to find a way in which an adhesive ‘sticker’ with insulin in the special paste may be attached to my body.
With patches instead of injections it is no longer necessary to stick needles into the skin every day, and often more

than once a day, with the resulting severe sterilization problems. Also, insulin introduction with a sticker is continuous and controllable, while with an injection the whole dose is introduced at once.

A sticker may be used for several days. It may be removed if the insulin levels get too high, while with an injection there is no way to stop the insulin if the injected doze is too high. Too much insulin is even more dangerous then too little, so the added control is important.

The solution proposed to the company was a modular accessory which may consider different scenarios.


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