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Tarazi Design Studio

Produced in 2006

EzriEyes™ Sunglasses have the appearance of being fragile because they are made of wood. But, on the contrary, the frame has been realized through a technologically advanced process so that it will resist rough treatment, including while engaged in strenuous sports activities.

Much like a very thin sandwich of bread and meat, a layer of carbon fiber is fused between thin layers of wood. The process to realize EzriEyes™ produces eyeglass frames that will never break.
The idea stemmed from Tarazi’s unfortunate and frequent boyhood
occurrences: “As a child, I broke many pairs of eyeglasses while playing basketball. I fantasized owning a pair that would never break.”

He recently recalled the dilemma and innovatively solved the problem:
“I knew that laminated wood is a strong material. And that carbon fiber is even stronger. So I thought, “Why not put the two together and create super-tough eyeglass frames with the appeal and touch of real wood?'”
EzriEyes™ sunglasses are available with lenses that block 100% of UV radiation (UVA, UVB, and UVC) and harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers.


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