Experimentals, Installations

Presented in Periscop design gallery, TLV October 2008


Extal, Netafim, Shay Yoav


Sari Paran

Design team

Yasmin Yotam, Maayan Hagar, Yoav Avinoam, Itay Amir, Gil Sheffi

ABFALL- From German / Yiddish: leftover, waste.

The exhibition is assembled from industry leftovers, by products. All are recyclable. In every manufacturing process, the ABFALL happens on the edges: at the beginning of the process to get the machine going, and at the end – to clean and finish the process. The middle of the process produces the whole and standard product – a pipe or a profile. The edges are unplanned, random, they have their own personality, and they are the “deprived youth” or the subconscious of the industry. Water pipes become giant vases, aluminum ingot becomes different bowls.

The distortion of the matter in such a level requires temperatures and pressures which are out of reach for the standard workshop. These powers distort geometrical shapes like a cylinder or a square, to “natural” shapes and textures that characterize wood stems or bamboo joints.

The black that masks the material, like the gold, is the default choice of the “design devotees”. The terminality and gloominess of the black is by contrast the more comfortable and comforting option in this case. The black color gives the objects a unified, clean and frozen language. Without prejudice, the viewer could look at the objects with a clean and new eye, judging them without knowing where they came from and what part of manufacturing process they belong to. The lack of ability to ascribe the objects to a well-known language is placing the question of over-consuming which encourages the industrial overload. The exhibition is examining the quick turnover of the world wide agenda from “greener” to “blacker”

The industrial leftover, the ABFALL, is another option of a pre-apocalyptic culture, which directs our gazes to the backyard of the industrial factories.


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